Leaders in Waste Management Business Process Automation Since 2006

Automating Business Processes Automating Business Processes
Waste Logics is the leading provider of business process automation software to the waste management industry. Waste Logics is the leading provider of business process automation software to the waste management industry.
Our History
Waste Logics’ software was born out of our customers’ need to automate, optimise and simplify the essential yet time-consuming administrative processes associated with the running of a waste management business.
Since 2006, we have been empowering the waste management and recycling industry with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use software to automate the end-to-end management of the customer lifecycle, create operational excellence, facilitate growth, improve efficiency, and maximise ROIC. Our software liberates time and resource and enables our customers to focus their efforts on serving their customers and growing their business
Our Customers
Waste Logics supports waste management businesses across the waste and recycling industry. Our software is specifically designed to support:
Skip hire
Trade waste
Material recycling facilities
Waste transfers stations
Waste Brokers
Tippers and aggregates
Commodity trading
Scrap metal processors

Company vision

We are everyone’s first choice for commercial waste management software. We are thought leaders in the space, empowering the waste and recycling industry to make better decisions, maximising profitability and proficiency to ultimately help save the world.

Product vision

Automating sustainable waste management for humanity. Waste Logics aims to transform waste management with automated systems that boost efficiency and promote sustainability, striving for a cleaner, greener future.

Company values

We love what we do

We work together so we all succeed

We're solution focused

We continue to raise the bar

Meet the Team

Geeta Chandra
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Before putting her creative mind to work on the founding of Waste Logics, Geeta worked in design and even lectured on the subject at University.

Her best friend from school asked her to work in their family businesses and focus on design and software related projects. In a welcoming growing family business, she learnt about the waste and scrap industry. Geek at heart, she decided to design a solution that would help that business.

When she’s not contemplating the next software development, you’ll find Geeta hiking, admiring street art, or at an electronic music festival.
Still as excited now as at the start, and even more so about whats ahead.
Henry Butcher
Head of Business Development
Henry is a seasoned Sales leader with 7+ years of B2B SaaS experience, across MarTech, RetailTech, HRTech, & now Waste Management Software. He’s in charge of all facets of the sales strategy from generating demand to helping clients take their first steps in achieving operational excellence.
When he’s not dialling numbers & closing new business, you can find Henry enjoying himself on a Golf Course.
Holly Joy Barker
Customer Operations Manager
Holly began her Waste Logics journey as an onboarding specialist, showing great qualities as a leader and team player, she quickly advanced to the Customer Support Team Lead before moving into Operations Management.

Holly has a background in biology and started her waste industry career managing customer support teams within the commercial waste industry. Prior to this, Holly worked in hospitality, retail, charity and construction before finding her real passion - Waste Logics!

When Holly's not leading operations, you'll find her in the forest with her dog, listening to music, in the kitchen or binging a box set.
Holly loved going to the tip as a young child, perhaps she was always destined to work in waste management!
Rebecca Haig
Revenue Operations Manager
Before bringing her analytical expertise to Waste Logics, Rebecca completed a Masters in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London. She also travelled the world and spent some time working for an actuarial firm.

She then used her skills as a Data Analyst in a sports marketing agency before heading up the Data team at Waste Logics.
Rebecca loves walking in the woods with her mini poodle Basil, playing netball and reading a good book.
Cameron Hume
Product Owner
Cameron is a problem solver at heart with a deep passion for building software-focused solutions. Starting his product management career straight out of university, Cameron has been involved in the end-to-end process of software development across multiple industries including Financial & Legal Services, Consulting, E-Commerce, and now Waste Management.

Cameron loves to get clients involved in the product development process, gathering critical insights allowing for the delivery of deep value through the solutions he helps develop here at Waste Logics.
When not gathering insights from clients or delivering software solutions, you would find Cameron at a motorsport race track or hiking up a mountain!
Khizar Javed
Product Designer
Khizar has been passionate about computers and e-gaming since school, driven by a curiosity about technology. This curiosity sometimes led to accidental destruction. Initially, he explored graphic design for fun, recognising the impact of good branding on users. Despite excelling academically in Computer Science, he discovered his true passion for Product Design during his Final year project—a perfect fusion of graphic design, technology, and problem-solving.

Seeking to enhance his skills, he earned Professional Certifications in UI/UX design from Google and CalArts (California Institute of Arts). With four years of experience in the field, he has contributed to over 15 projects, reviling in the positive transformations brought about by improved customer experiences. His journey evolved from a love for tech and colours to a deep understanding of the significant impact design decisions have on users.
Outside of his professional pursuits, he enjoys playing badminton and cricket. His admiration for Goku from DBZ persists, as he harbors a childhood dream of becoming a Super Saiyan, a desire that still brings a smile to his face.